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June 2006 Newsletter

The CowboyHappy June!  Here in the Deep South, summer heat is already a way of life and the pollen and mold spores are filling the air.  I've found it easier to drive with the top down on my car if I keep the air blasting--just love the sunshine and my hair blowing in the wind!  Of course, with the humidity, I sometimes end up looking like Don King on a bad hair day.

Big news!  I accepted contracts with Kensington for four more books for their Aphrodisia line!  Woo-hoo!  They are for two full-length, single title novels and two novellas.  My current work in progress, HIP DEEP, will be the first single title book.  I've been invited to participate in a Christmas anthology, so novella #1 will be a Christmas story.  Book #2 is a total mystery--any ideas?  I imagine novella #2 will be whatever anthology Kensington decides to do.  I'll keep you posted.

My editor contacted me a couple of weeks ago and said GIVE ME MORE (the book formerly known as ALL THAT GLITTERS) was in great shape--no revisions!  He called it hot, hot, hot!  That always thrills me.  He also said my firefighter novella, ALL FIRED UP (in THE FIREFIGHTER anthology) was in great shape--no revisions again!  Further stroking my ego, he told me ALL FIRED UP was his favorite of the books of mine he'd read so far.  Can't get any better than that--well, maybe if I made the NYT Bestseller list--but I am happy with where my career is going and am striving to enjoy this moment...NYT will come to me eventually.  I hope.

I'm anxiously awaiting cover flats for my February firefighter book as well as the author copies for THE COWBOY.  If things go as they did for PLEASURE BEACH, I should be getting something any day now and will post the cover for THE FIREFIGHTER anthology as soon as it arrives.

Have a safe, happy, and HOT summer!

P.J. Mellor