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THe Cowboy

The Cowboy

August 2006
Kensington Aphrodisia
Anthology - "Cowboy in Paradise"
ISBN 0-7582-1528-2

They're every woman's fantasy: the jeans . . . the swagger . . .the smile . . .With his rough hands and warm heart, The Cowboy has never been sexier than in these buck-wild novellas!

Cowboy in Paradise, PJ Mellor

Tyler Last has had enough of chasing steer--and women--on the rodeo circuit. It's about time he changed his ways. That is, until he catches sight of sexy Meg Holder, and all he can think of is wrapping her up with his lasso. . . .

This is a REALLY HOT book.  (Sexually explicit)


"PJ Mellor uses the perfect blend of humor and romance to satisfy any reader.  The authors capture the persona that will draw us to these men who work hard, play harder, and when they love, they make sure they stay in the saddle until everyone is fully satisfied.  This is definitely a book I'll be adding to my keeper shelf."
-- Romance Junkies

"Take a cowboy, a Grim Reaper and a horse with an attitude; toss in passion and betrayal and mix well with laughter."
--Fresh Fiction

"All the sexual gratification you could ever want concealed in a paperback book! COWBOY IN PARADISE is by P.J. Mellor. Of the four authors, this story was the most unusual. With witty characters and a horse named Jim that was reminiscent of another famous palomino from the past, it created a special read. This reader has read other works by this outstanding author and will be looking forward to reading more of P.J. Mellor’s other novels in the future.   THE COWBOY is intoxicating blend of luscious heat and hard riding appeal, and one erotic book you will devour cover-to-cover! These four authors pulled out all the stops to fill their stories with enough hedonistic flavoring that nothing is sacred or left to the imagination. If you love rough, tough, Wrangler-wearing cowboys with sex drives that will burn you alive, then put THE COWBOY at the top of your erotic reading list! This reviewer will reread her copy over and over again -- it is that hot and exceptional well written. Don’t be left in the dust, buy your copy today!
--Love Romances 




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